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Confidential Seattle Documentary is a film about the plight of artists living and working in cities that are experiencing rapid growth and a rising cost of living.
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They Don’t Teach This in Business School…

Across the U.S., artists are losing their spaces because of rising rents. Whole creative communities are at risk. Now, in one corner of Seattle, 125+ artists are creating a new kind of community, one that could change the picture for artists across the country.

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Confidential Seattle Documentary is the legal working title with Shunpike, the film’s fiscal sponsor in Seattle. Several artists have requested confidentiality to avoid evictions. Learn more about the film.

Samuel Farrazaino of Equinox Studios

How does an artist live in a booming city like Seattle? What about 125+ artists working together? Watch our trailer to see how a groundbreaking business model unfolds in our city.

Help us tell the story of an artist who set out to find a workspace and ignited the creative potential of a Seattle community. Can his DIY business model change the picture for art in more cities?