About - Confidential Seattle Documentary
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About the Film

When we discovered that a beloved artist’s warehouse in Seattle near the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Amazon will be demolished, we invited the art community to silently encircle “Close Enough Engineering” to honor artist Steve Walker and engineer Kim Hall. For 18 years, they’ve produced crazy world-class work in an old city warehouse with an ignoble exterior and wildly creative interior. 

Now, it’s time to pack up. Vulcan, Paul Allen’s real estate company, owns the land in Seattle’s Ground Zero called South Lake Union and will soon tear down the building to make room for a new Google campus. The artists didn’t know what’s next so we decided to investigate possible solutions to help artists thrive in cities with a rapidly rising cost of living. Watch the trailer and email your solutions to our team.

Close Enough Engineering will be demolished to make room for a new Google campus in Seattle.

The Team

“Confidential Seattle Documentary” (working title) is currently in production with a professional, all-volunteer crew, whose Emmy-award winning work has appeared on NBC and KING-TV News. In addition to national award-winning documentaries, the team’s background includes Microsoft, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Amazon and TED.

  • Lucy Mohl, Producer & Writer
  • Emily Deering, Assistant Producer & Videographer
  • Delia Floor, Operations Manager
  • Flavia Lemos, Web Designer
  • Michael Glass, Web Developer
  • Alex River Nason Miller, Sound Designer
  • Pam Kilborn-Miller, Executive Producer

Special Thanks: Jennifer Hubbard, Erren Gottlieb, Becky Bailey, Drew Keller, Steve Walker, Kim Hall, Eric Chard, Diana Wilmar, Matt Isaac, Joe Holcomb, Sam Peterson, Sam Farrazaino, Sophia Wheelwright, Linda Cain, Kalani Akuna, David Fox, Keegan Linnett, Bryan Eveland, Sierra Miller